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Las Vegas Radioactive Materials, Apr 29-30, 2021

seats available

This course is intended for Shippers, Forwarders and Carriers who handle and ship Radioactive Material in the normal course of transportation.


    1. If you ship Exempted Radioactive Materials (smoke alarms etc.) and are currently (IATA, 49CFR, IMDG) certified, no additional training is required.
    2. If you ship Excepted Radioactive Materials by air, and are currently IATA certified, you have the option of taking DGI’s Online Excepted Radioactive Materials course.

DGI’s 2-Day Radioactive seminar will fully certify you to classify and prepare Radioactive Materials for shipment in commerce. This course will enable you to transport RAM both domestic and international with ease. 

Radioactive Materials 2-Day Course Topics:

  • Definitions & Units of Measurement
  • Determination of Transport Index (TI)
  • Proper Shipping Names
  • Packaging selection
  • Use of Tables containing A1 & A2 values
  • Categorization of Packages
  • Marking & Labeling
  • Documentation
  • Special Limitations
  • Segregation
  • Loading
  • Accepting RAM for transport

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Included with Class:

  • 49CFR Regulations (If you ship by air or ocean it is recommended that you bring current IATA or IMDG Regulations.)
  • Classroom Workbook
  • Daily Lunch

Other Details:

  • Prerequisites: Previous hazardous materials training recommended but not required.
  • Syllabus: click here
  • Terms & Conditions: Click to view