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Online Biological Substance Cat B IATA

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  • Product Description

    Who should take this course? Required training for air shipments of UN 3373 only. Covers all IATA regulations to ship this one substance and associated fixatives (i.e. formalin, alcohol, formaldehyde, etc). If you ship any other UN numbers (UN2814 or UN2900) you will need to take the full Infectious Substance course. This course may be taken by those needing Initial or Recurrent training.

    Scope of this course: You can take this course if you are shipping patient specimens used for diagnosis or investigation and it is not likely that those specimens would contain a pathogen from Category A. Category A are the higher risk pathogens. To view a complete list of Category A pathogens see our Infectious Substance course.

    This course includes:

    • IATA Air Shipment of UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B
    • Exempt Human and Animal Specimens
    • Dry Ice (up to 5.5 pounds per package)
    • Certain other Dangerous Goods up to 30 mL per inner packaging as authorized by Packing Instruction 650
    • Safety

    Materials Required: When beginning the course follow onscreen prompts to download and print the student workbook. It would also be beneficial to have a copy of the current IATA Regulations. If you need a current copy, we suggest purchasing one from our recommended suppliers.

    Are any additional training courses required?

    • Function Specific Training - If you are just preparing shipments of UN 3373 "Biological Substances, Category B" then this training should be sufficient Ultimately (in the United States) your employer has final responsibility for determining if a hazmat employee is properly trained for their particular job function. Since there is a potential for limitless types of job functions as determined by an individual employer, we as your training provider can only suggest what types of additional training might be required.
    • Important note about Dry Ice - If you ship your specimens using more than 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) per package of dry ice, we recommend you take the full Infectious Substance course or you will also be required to take the additional Dry Ice and hazmat security awareness training courses.

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    Please note: Prepayment is required for Online Training. Usernames and passwords are emailed once payment is received.


    Prerequisites: None
    Training Valid For: 24 months
    Time Required: 2 to 3 hours for initial training or recurrent training or for someone who has not regularly used the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations; 1 to 2 hours for those who regularly use the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
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