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.Webinar Limited Quantities & Consumer Commodities 49CFR/IATA/IMDG, Nov 6, 2019 @ 11a EST

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  • Product Description

    Who should take this course? Individuals who are involved in shipping only consumer commodities by air, ground and ocean transport.

    This course includes: This course covers the following commodities being shipped under IATA, DOT, and IMDG Regulations. Items are packaged in a form intended or suitable for retail sale to consumers for the purposes of personal care or household use.

    • Aerosols (generally not larger than 17 oz)
    • Flammable Liquids not larger than 1 gallon per bottle/can
    • Corrosives, generally not larger than one quart
    • Finished packages of the above substances not more than 30 kg (66 lbs)
    • There are some exceptions and some additional products such as Toxic and Flammable Solids, if you have questions as to whether or not it qualifies, call us.

    Materials Required: Student Workbook will be emailed to students and must be downloaded and printed. Current 49CFR, IATA & IMDG regulations recommended, but not required. If you need a current copy, we suggest purchasing one from our recommended suppliers.

    Webinar Hours: 11am - 7pm Eastern Standard Time (includes testing). Sign-in begins 15 minutes prior to class start time. Class times are EST - please adjust according to your time zone.

    Webinar Details:

    Student Workbook: students download workbook to view and print student workbook, we suggest putting it in a three ring binder. If you do not print the workbook, you must be able to view it at the same time as the webinar.
    Regulations: 49CFR, IATA and IMDG classes require the actual regulations. Students must provide them, as they are not included with the course. If you need to purchase the regulations we recommend: DG Supplies: 800-347-7879 or 
    Exam taken online at the conclusion of the webinar. Exams must be submitted within 3 hours of completion of the course.
    Webinar Hours: All webinars start in East Coast Time - please adjust your time accordingly. Students must sign in 15 minute early.
    Training location: We recommend taking the webinar from a location where you will not be distracted by coworkers or daily work duties.
    Recommended supplies: Sticky notes, pens, highlighter, notepaper
    Please note: The registration period for enrolling in public webinars closes 1 business day prior to the start of class.

    Webinar Frequently Asked Questions - Click here!

    Classroom training may be more suited for you: if you do not use the 49CFR Regulations on a regular basis.

    What is the difference between webinar and online training? Webinars are instructor led and completed in 1 day. Online training is taken on your own, and you have 3 months to complete.

    Are any additional training courses required?

    • Hazmat Security Awareness Training (SAT) - In the United States this additional training is required. DGI offers free SAT on our website.
    • Function Specific Training - Ultimately (in the United States) your employer has final responsibility for determining if a hazmat employee is properly trained for their particular job function. Since there is a potential for limitless types of job functions as determined by an individual employer, we as your training provider can only suggest what types of additional training might be required.

    Other Details:

    Prerequisites: Previous certification for 49CFR, IATA & IMDG recommended, but not required.
    Training Valid For: 3 years for 49CFR and IMDG; 24 months for IATA
    Terms & Conditions: Click to view
    Enrollment period: registration closes 1 business day prior to the start of class.