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49CFR initial syllabus

Please Note: Security Awareness Training is no longer conducted in the classroom. We are now offering it for FREE on our website.

Included with Class:
49CFR Regulations
Classroom Workbook
Daily Lunch

The 2-Day course is designed for basic shippers, freight forwarders, third party logistics entities, carriers and freight brokers.

Note if you ship Explosives or Radioactive Materials:

  • Explosives: This course fulfills the requirements for anyone shipping explosives, div. 1.4 already classified with a UN#. Other class 1 explosives including 1.4 unclassified, additional training is required. Please see our explosives course.
  • Radioactive Materials: This course also fulfills the requirements for shipping radioactive exempted items, for example smoke alarms. For anything else additional training is required. Please see our radioactive courses.

Webinar students: Webinars start at 11 am EST. The course content is the same but the times will be different then noted below.

Day 1 - 49 CFR


8:00 - 8:30A


8:30A - 12:00N

49CFR Lesson 1 - Introduction, Format of the Regulations, Comply with US training requirements, Identify 9 classes of materials
49CFR Lesson 2 - Utilize hazmat table, Apply Special Provisions, Select Proper Packaging Authorizations
49CFR Lesson 3 - Identify, Mark and Document shipments of hazardous substances and marine pollutants

12:00N - 1:00P

Lunch (included with seminar)

1:00 - 4:30P

49CFR Lesson 4 - Specification Markings, UN Specification Packaging, Proper testing and assembly of packaging
49CFR Lesson 5 - General Packing Requirements, Packaging Authorizations for Non-Bulk & Bulk packaging
49CFR Lesson 6 - Documentation
49CFR lesson 7 - Mark & Label


Session Ends

Day 2 - 49 CFR


8:30A - 12:00N

Review 49CFR Lessons 1-7
49CFR Lesson 8 - Limited Quantities, Consumer Commodities, Small Quantities, Materials of Trade
49CFR Lesson 9 - Placards

12:00N - 1:00P

Lunch (included with seminar)

1:00 - 2:00P


2:00 - 4:30P

49 CFR Exam


Session ends