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Webinar FAQ



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What time does my webinar start?

Public webinars all start at 11 am Eastern Standard time. (8am Pacific time).

Private webinars (for your company only) will have a unique start time requested by your company. Please carefully read your confirmation letter and adjust your time accordingly. 

How long is the webinar?

49CFR, IATA, IMDG, Lithium Battery & LTD QTY public webinars - plan for an 8 hour class.  These public webinars start at 11am Eastern Standard time, and end around 7pm. This includes instruction and testing time (some students may take longer to test).

General Awareness webinars - plan for a 3 hour class. This public webinar starts at 1 pm Eastern Standard time, and ends around 4pm. This includes instruction and testing time.

Private webinars - These times vary, but always plan for an 8 hour class. 

May we view the webinar as a group?
Yes, you may view the webinar as a group if more than one employee at you location is taking the same class. You will need to message the instructor with the names of all the students attending together, using the webinar control panel, so that everyone is accounted for and allowed to test. You must test alone. 
Do I have to print out the workbook?

Yes, DGI highly recommends printing your workbook for class. You will be using it throughout the whole class, and will want it during the exam. The only alternative to printing the workbook is if you can fully view the webinar presentation and your workbook at the same time on your screen.

Where can I take the class from?
You can take your webinar from any location that accommodates an internet connection, and allows you access to your email. DGI highly recommends finding an area that is quiet, and where you will not be distracted by co-workers or daily work activities, as your full attention to the webinar is required. If training at the office, put a sign on your door "Training in progress" to keep from being distracted by co-workers.
What do I need to know about the exam?


The exam is taken online at the conclusion of the webinar. The link to the exam is found in your confirmation email, the same email you use to print your workbook and join the class. Exams must be submitted within 3 hours of completion of the course. You are permitted 2 attempts to pass the exam with an 80%. Do not start the exam until the instructor advises. 

What is a passing grade?

You must pass your webinar exam with an 80% to be certified. If you do not achieve a passing score on your first attempt, your instructor will ask you to resubmit answers (depending on the questions missed), If you do not achieve a passing score of at least 80% on your second attempt you will be given attendance credit only and will not be certified to ship dangerous goods.

In the event that you do not pass the course after your second attempt, you will be required to register and pay for another class.

Do I have to submit my exam the same day as the webinar?
Yes, the webinar exams must be submitted the same day as the webinar. At the start of class the instructor will let you know what time your exams must be submitted by. Late exams will only be accepted with written acknowledgement from the instructor prior to the start of class. 
Can I cancel my registration?
Webinar cancellations and transfers are allowed up to 2 days prior to the class. There will be no refunds for cancellations, transfers or no-shows within 2 days of the webinar. 
Do I need a microphone?

No, you do not need a microphone. You can listen to the webinar through your computer speakers. Make sure your speakers are turned on, and up. You will be muted during the presentation and will communicate with the instructor using the webinar control panel messaging system.

What supplies do I need?

Sticky notes, pens, highlighter, notepaper along with your printed workbook and any regulations that may be required. 

My webinar requires Regulations (IATA/49CFR/IMDG). Where do I buy them?

See our recommended suppliers list.
Do I really need to purchase the IATA, 49CFR and/or IMDG Regulations?
Yes! Our DGI webinar courses teach you the process of shipping dangerous goods. ALL DGI workbooks and webinar programs follow this process which includes referencing current and applicable regulations. We do NOT provide you with the regulations for webinar courses. The way we operate is to provide you with a workbook or a compendium of the slides in the program, walk you through the process of identification, classification, marking, labeling, documentation, placarding and segregation, using select examples from the regulations, and then assume when you’re done with training you will consult a current copy of the applicable regulations in order to determine your shipments compliance with the rules. See the suppliers above to purchase the applicable regulations for your shipping needs.
What is the difference between a webinar and online training?

Webinars are instructor led. Online is taken on your own.
Webinars are completed in one day. With online training you have 3 months to complete.

When will I get my certificate?
Your certificate will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the course (achieving 80% or better) and once payment has been received. You may need to check your junk or spam folder for your certificate, as they do get stuck there occasionally. 


Please note: The registration period for enrolling in public webinars closes 1 business day prior to the start of class.