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Lithium Battery Wizard

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Updated with the most current regulatory info! The Lithium Battery Wizard is an online shipping tool that allows a manufacturer, shipper, or transportation intermediary to determine the proper marking, labeling and documentation for lithium battery transportation by any mode of transport (Air, Ground & Ocean), worldwide.  There are around 50 possible configurations for marking, labeling and documentation of lithium battery packages, depending on the type of battery, the way it is packaged, the power rating and the mode of transport. The system requires you to click on a series of links, each asking you a question about your shipment. Within six clicks of the mouse, you are presented with a Quick Reference Guide showing the marking, labeling, documentation, and packing requirements for your shipment. You can save the Quick Reference Guide in .pdf format or just print it out. This program is not a substitute for the regulations. You as the shipper are STILL responsible for being trained and certified as required, and for using a current copy of the IATA, IMDG or DOT regulations. However, this Wizard will help you cut through all the clutter and get right to the heart of what you need to do, and where you need to look (in the regulations) to ship your product. The cost is $95 dollars per year, per user, and covers the IATA Air, and IMDG Ocean & 49CFR Ground shipments (non-refundable). Please note: This is a tool for use in preparing shipments by certified individuals. The Lithium Battery Wizard is not training, and does not replace the need for training. 

Click here to view a demo!