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Online Air Repair Stations IATA/49CFR


This course is for Initial and Recurrent Students who ship aircraft parts/dangerous goods by air and ground.

Who should take this course? FAR 145 Air Repair Stations, Other Airline Maintenance Operations/Stores, Part 129 Operators who ship DG COMAT. Topics covered: General Awareness, Safety (DOT Hazard Communications and use of NAERG), Security Awareness and 49CFR & IATA/ICAO Function Specific Training for preparing shipments of the following commodities:


·Fuel Control Units / Other Fuel Components (i.e. bladders, probes, etc.)

·Fuel Samples (Gasoline & jet Fuel)

·Live Vests / Life Rafts (Life Saving Appliances)

·Paint (Both LTD QTY and UN Packaging)

·Adhesives (Both LTD QTY and UN Packaging)


·Consumer Commodities

·Aircraft Batteries (Wet Acid/Alkali)

·Compressed Gas (Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc.) in Cylinders

Materials Required: When beginning the course follow onscreen prompts to download and print the student workbook. 49CFR & IATA Regulations recommended, but not required. If you need a current copy, we suggest purchasing one from our recommended suppliers.

Are any additional training courses required?

  • Hazmat Security Awareness Training (SAT) - In the United States this additional training is required. DGI offers free SAT on our website.
  • Function Specific Training - Ultimately (in the United States) your employer has final responsibility for determining if a hazmat employee is properly trained for their particular job function. Since there is a potential for limitless types of job functions as determined by an individual employer, we as your training provider can only suggest what types of additional training might be required.

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Other Details:

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Please note: Prepayment is required for Online Training. Usernames and passwords are emailed once payment is received.


Prerequisites: None
Training Valid For: 24 months for IATA
Time Required: 6-8 hours for initial training or recurrent training.
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