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Private Webinars - Customized and limited to employees of your company only. DGI's private webinars are for initial or recurrent training, all hazard classes and all modes of transport

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Benefits of Private Webinar Training:

Brings people together from multiple locations.
No travel costs.
Training can be customized to your products.
Questions asked & answered.
Live interaction with instructor.
More cost effective than an onsite seminar.

Private Webinar Pricing: $1550.00 – $1750.00 per day, includes up to 10 students, $65 - $75 per each additional student.

Student Workbook: students download workbook to view and print student workbook, we suggest putting it in a three ring binder. If you do not print the workbook, you must be able to view it at the same time as the webinar.
Regulations: 49CFR, IATA and IMDG classes require the actual regulations. Students must provide them, as they are not included with the course. If you need a current copy, we suggest purchasing one from our recommended suppliers.
Exam taken online at the conclusion of the webinar. Exams must be submitted within 3 hours of completion of the course.
Webinar Hours: All webinars start in East Coast Time - please adjust your time accordingly. Students must sign in 15 minute early.
Training location: We recommend taking the webinar from a location where you will not be distracted by coworkers or daily work duties.
Recommended supplies: Sticky notes, pens, highlighter, notepaper
Please note: The registration period for enrolling in public webinars closes 1 business day prior to the start of class.

Webinar Frequently Asked Questions - Click here!

What is the difference between webinar and online training? Webinars are instructor led and completed in 1 day or multiple days depending on training required. Online training is taken on your own, and you have 3 months to complete.

Are any additional training courses required?

  • Hazmat Security Awareness Training (SAT) - In the United States this additional training is required. DGI offers free SAT on our website.
  • Function Specific Training - Ultimately (in the United States) your employer has final responsibility for determining if a hazmat employee is properly trained for their particular job function. Since there is a potential for limitless types of job functions as determined by an individual employer, we as your training provider can only suggest what types of additional training might be required.
  • We recommend that persons shipping the following substance get additional training:
    • Radioactive Materials
    • Toxic Gases (additional DOT requirements)
    • Toxic Inhalation Hazard
    • Packaging of Explosives (additional DOT requirements)

Other Details:

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