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​Announcing New CBTA Examination Standards

Posted by DGI Training on 22nd Jun 2022

As you may’ve heard, there is an international push to adopt Competency-Based Training and Assessment standards for Dangerous Goods training. While this is not, in most places, a matter of law, the industry is moving in this direction.

Effective June 11, 2022, all of DGI's Online dangerous goods training programs will adopt the CBTA standard below:

  1. All exams will have a passing score of 80% or better
  2. All exams that contain multiple competency-elements and competency-assessments will require you to pass each competency-element with a score of 80% or better.

For example, if you have a general awareness training program that includes competency-elements of Identification, Classification, Packing, Marking and Labeling, Documentation and Handling… our new standard will require that each objective be passed with a score of 80%, and the exam as a whole passed with 80% or better.

If you do not pass all objectives (competency-elements), you will be able to retake the exam and you will only have to retake the elements you missed. So, if you didn’t pass because you scored 75% of documentation, you ONLY need to retake the Documentation part of the exam rather than having to retake the entire exam as you have in the past.

You will still have three attempts in total to pass the exam so this should make that easier to attain as you are only retested on what you missed. Furthermore, you have access to the correct answers by reviewing each exam attempt.