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Cargo Network Services (CNS) has Changed their DG Training Requirements for 2023

Posted by Candy Cook on 23rd May 2023

For Cargo Agents and Freight Forwarders Only.
This impacts 2 people at your head office and 1 person from your branch office.
Before we go over the changes, it’s helpful to remember the definitions of Should, Shall, Must and May.

IATA In these Regulations, the words:
  • shall” and “must” are used to indicate a mandatory requirement. 
  • should” and “may” indicate a preferred requirement and are not binding.

In the 2023 CNS Handbook, DG Training is found on page 8, Item F)

DG Training for New applicants and recurrent training obligations.

  1. Applicant shall have at least 2 employees at the head office who have completed current training for DG acceptance and processing (Functions 7.3 that corresponds to previous Cat 3 and 6).
  2. Applicant shall have at least one employee at each branch office who has completed current training for DG acceptance and processing.
  3. Training for DG’s should be in accordance with the IATA DG Regulations.
  4. Training should be administered by a CBTA center, ATS or IATA training center Cat 3 or Cat 6 certificate provided by an IATA training school, in-house training delivered by internal staff member of the applicant who holds a DG Cat 6 certification and IATA instructor certification, or a member airline will be accepted if expire date is before 31st December 2024.
  5. In the event applicant is unable to obtain training from an IATA CBTA, ATS, or other IATA DG Accredited school, applicant may submit a current training certificate from an alternative training facility which offers DG training in accordance with IATA DG Regulations and a proof of a passing score on the IATA DG Compass taken within (3) months of completing such alternative training.

What this means is that DGI customers may submit their DGI Training certificates for CNS applications. IATA has special wording they want to see on the certificates and we have changed all our certificates to comply. You must also complete an IATA course called Compass within 3 months of your training. (150.00 USD)

More information on IATA DG Compass can be found at:

Beginning in June 2023 CNS will commence audits of CNS agents for compliance on a random and periodic basis. If it’s revealed that you are not in compliance with the DG requirements they state that they will terminate your endorsement.

We encourage you to read the entire 2023 handbook to ensure compliance:

IATA provides their own “Certified” webinar training at a minimum of $2480.00 USD per employee if you feel you need to train with them directly. They give IATA members a $250.00 discount. Remember, this is for 2 people at head office and 1 person at the branch office.