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​IATA Eliminates Training Categories

Posted by DGI Training on 8th Dec 2022

IATA Eliminates Training Categories
(These are no longer shown on DGI Certificates)

As many of you may know, this year IATA has eliminated so-called “Categories” and the training matrix from the 2022 DGR (move to Appendix H).In 2023, even appendix H has been removed entirely.So, there are no more IATA Category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. DG training categories.The good news is that all training requirements are now “competency-based” training and assessment, and DGI has always adopted this approach so there isn’t anything you, as a shipper, forwarder, or carrier need to do differently. (US DOT has taken this approach for over 3 decades now.)

If an enforcement agency or other entity wants to review the content of the training, they can review the students’ materials (Workbook, Exercises and Exams) which has been the US DOT requirement since at least 1992.At that time, they said that the certification needs to include a reference to the location of materials used for training.

Tosee the federal rule on this, click here for 49 CFR 172.704(d).