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​ICAO Publishes Addendum 4

​ICAO Publishes Addendum 4

1st Mar 2016

2015 – 2016 Edition, 23Feb16

Although dated 23Feb16, addendum 4 was released on Friday, February 26, 2016. The addendum incorporates the prohibition of lithium ion batteries UN3480 as cargo on passenger airplanes into ICAO’s Technical Instructions 2015 – 2016 Edition.

The ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel recommended in October, 2015, tougher restrictions on ion batteries but not a ban. ICAO’s Air Navigation Committee picked up on the recommendations and included the ban as cargo on passenger airplanes. The ICAO Council met last week and approved the ban. This prohibition does not apply to lithium ion batteries packed with equipment or lithium ion batteries contained in equipment. UN3480 only.

Most affected is Packing Instruction 965, Sections 1A, 1B, and Section II. The change clearly indicates the batteries are “Forbidden” as cargo on passenger air planes.

Section 1A –

  • Requires cargo aircraft only label
  • Class 9 label

Section 1B –

  • Each package must be labeled with the lithium battery handling label,
  • Class 9 hazard label, and
  • the cargo aircraft only label

Section II –

  • No more than one package per consignment
  • No more than one package per Overpack
  • Each package must be labeled with the lithium battery handling label and
  • The cargo aircraft only label
  • “Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 965” and “Cargo Aircraft Only” must be included on the airway bill

In addition to the above restrictions the council also included an addendum to the, Supplement To The Technical Instructions. A new Special Provision A331 has been added to include

  • The batteries may only be shipped at no more than 30% State of Charge (SOC)
  • This same requirement was included in addendum 3 to the Technical Instructions

IATA (airline trade association) has also published an addendum and guidance document based on the ICAO releases. All four documents are shown here.

The effective date of these changes is April 1, 2016