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Lithium Batteries Ban

2nd Feb 2016

The Death of Lithium Batteries in TransportationOn January 27, 2016, The ICAO Air Navigation Commission voted to ban lithium ion batteries as cargo on passenger airplanes. In October 2015, The ICA … read more
​FAA Repair Stations FAR Part 145

​FAA Repair Stations FAR Part 145

31st Aug 2015

Regulations, regulations, regulations, my gosh, will it ever stop? Enough with the bureaucracy already. But wait, we’re talking about people flying in airplanes. I’m okay with that. Make all the … read more

Hazmat Penalties / Fines versus Training

9th Jul 2015

The Department of Transportation calls them civil penalties. We call them fines. The end result is the same. They hurt.In 2013, hundreds of violations totaling more than 1.8 million dollars in fines … read more