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Hazmat Penalties / Fines versus Training

9th Jul 2015

The Department of Transportation calls them civil penalties. We call them fines. The end result is the same. They hurt.In 2013, hundreds of violations totaling more than 1.8 million dollars in fines … read more

​Lithium Batteries in Transportation

18th Jan 2015

Lithium Batteries have quickly become one of the most popular forms of energy. We use them in every facet of our life. There are two types of Lithium Batteries, Lithium Metal Batteries and Lithium … read more
Do I Need Training?

Do I Need Training?

18th Aug 2014

Training for What? Hazardous Materials? Dangerous Goods?You show up for work one day and your warehouse manager is waiting at your desk. Says he received a shipment with a bunch of different label … read more
Exceptions to the Rules - Excepted Quantities

Exceptions to the Rules - Excepted Quantities

22nd Jun 2014

Exceptions to the Rules – Do you know what they are? And how to use them?During our last session we were lucky enough to get through the Limited Quantities. At this writing, we’ll focus on Except … read more