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Recurrent Training - 90 Days Same as Cash

4th May 2018

As a hazmat employee how often do we need training or recurrent training? Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, (49CFR), (which I like to refer to as our American law), Section 172.704 sa … read more

HM-215N Rescinded - What it Means to You

16th Feb 2017

United Nations Committee of Experts Recommendations Transport Dangerous Goods 19th Revised Edition / Amendment 38-16 International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code / 2017 – 2018 Edition International … read more

The Safety Data Sheet and Transportation

25th Oct 2016

First a little history. The administrative law for our federal government is The Code of Federal Regulations, commonly referred to as CFR. There are 50 titles. 49CFR governs hazardous materials or da … read more
​FAA Repair Stations FAR Part 145

​FAA Repair Stations FAR Part 145

31st Aug 2015

Regulations, regulations, regulations, my gosh, will it ever stop? Enough with the bureaucracy already. But wait, we’re talking about people flying in airplanes. I’m okay with that. Make all the … read more