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  • Product Description

    This course is for both Initial and Recurrent training.

    NOTE: 61st edition of the IATA DGR is required for this course. You must provide your own regulations.

    For shipments using Air Transportation; also known as ICAO. Fulfills US DOT and International Law Training Requirements for shipments of dangerous goods by air. 

    Please Note: You are required to have a current copy of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations to complete this course. If you need a current copy, we suggest purchasing one from our recommended suppliers

    Who should take this course? IATA Training is required for any hazmat employee who needs to understand how to use the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). This includes: Shipping personnel who prepare and sign the shipping papers for air transport, Personnel responsible for classifying hazardous product, and anyone else who meets the definition of a "hazmat employee" and who needs to understand how to read and interpret the IATA Air Regulations.

    Scope of this course:

    This course covers the shippers (and carriers') responsibilities for the following functions:

    Classification (using IATA Section 3) of products
    Identification (ie. selecting a proper shipping name and using IATA Section 4.2)
    Packing (using the IATA packing instructions and selecting the correct specification or Limited Quantity Packaging)
    Marking and Labeling
    Use of the IATA Checklist
    State and Operator Variations

    This course includes:

    Units of Measure
    Proper Shipping Names
    Packing Instructions
    Performance Oriented Packaging
    Limited Quantities
    State and Operator Variations
    Use of the IATA Checklist
    Use of UN Specification Packaging
    n.o.s., Proper Shipping Names
    Mixtures and Solutions
    Dangerous Goods Packed together
    Excepted Quantities
    Handling and Loading
    Limited discussion of RAM & Explosives
    Regulation updates and changes.
    Category 6 Topics
    General Awareness, Safety and Security Awareness Training

    Note: If you ship Radioactive Materials or Explosives additional training is recommended. 

    Materials Required: Current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations required for this session. If you need a current copy, we suggest purchasing one from our recommended suppliers.

    What is the difference between online and webinar training? Webinars are instructor led and completed in 1 day. Online training is taken on your own, and you have 3 months to complete. Check out our webinars!

    Are any additional training courses required?

    Function Specific Training - Ultimately (in the United States) your employer has final responsibility for determining if a hazmat employee is properly trained for their particular job function. Since there is a potential for limitless types of job functions as determined by an individual employer, we as your training provider can only suggest what types of additional training might be required. If you ship Radioactive or Explosives, additional training may be required. 

    Questions?  Frequently Asked Questions for online training 

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    Other Details:

    • Please note: Prepayment is required for Online Training. Usernames and passwords are emailed once payment is received.
    • This 12 to 18 hour IATA course is intended for shippers and forwarders and foreign (non-US) airlines.  It offers only basic coverage of so-called “Cat 6” topics. The FAA does not use the term “Cat 6”, instead they require adherence to Part 175 of 49 CFR from which no carrier is excepted.  This IATA training module includes our module 9 which offers a basic introduction to Part 175 topics and USG-13 in IATA/ICAO (about 60 to 90 mins).  For people who are employed by 121/135 certificated carriers or their ground handlers and are subject to 14 CFR training requirements ( found in Appendix O, you should take our full airline training program (~40 hours) after evaluating its’ suitability for your particular FAA certified Ops Specs, or you can take our special Airline Upgrade module for people who’ve taken our classroom or online IATA course (~3-4 hours of additional training)”.

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    Prerequisites: None
    Training Valid For: 24 months
    Time Required: 12 to 20 hours for initial training or for someone who has not regularly used the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations; 8 to 12 hours for those who regularly use the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
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