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​FAA & DOT Finally Ban Lithium Ion Batteries

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On February 27, 2019 the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation published an Interim Final Rule HM-224I. This Final Rule prohibits lithium Ion batteries UN3480 from being transported as cargo on passenger airplanes.

This rule is long overdue. The airline industry and the International Civil Aviation Organization have long implemented this prohibition. Lithium metal batteries UN3090 have also long been prohibited as cargo on passenger airplanes. FedEx, UPS, and other airlines have also long banned UN3480 and UN3090 as excepted packages prepared in accordance with regulations. The airlines demand these batteries be properly identified with appropriate marks, labels, and documentation.

This rule affects UN3480 and UN3090 only. It does not affect lithium batteries packed with or contained in equipment. 

This rule also requires UN3480 to be shipped at a state of charge (SOC) of not more than 30%. In addition, any shipments of small lithium batteries will be limited to one package per consignment.

You may have noticed when checking a bag at the gate, the airlines are adamant about removing any lithium batteries from luggage being stowed downstairs. The batteries continue to pose a challenge in transportation. We in the transportation community must remain vigilant to eliminate any mis-declared or undeclared shipments entering our transportation system.

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